Adieu to 2020: a year of focus and determination

Adieu to 2020: a year of focus and determination

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As 2020 draws to a close, in Australia we are all breathing a sigh of relief! It has been a challenging year for all, and for our patients going through fertility treatment, there have been many more curveballs to navigate!

We are so proud of the focus and determination the country has shown to get COVID-19 under control and be the envy of the world, but also for the wonderful attitudes and the resolve of our patients to stay on track in working towards achieving their fertility dreams. Every day we see you as our heroes, we witness your hard work, we quietly share your pain but we are also filled with the knowledge and hope that a wonderful outcome is possible.

Despite having to change the way many things were done this year, City Fertility has continued to forge ahead. Here we share some of our top achievements for the year:

First birthday and baby joy for City Fertility Sydney CBD

In October, City Fertility Sydney CBD celebrated its first birthday milestone and they were delighted to receive the best of birthday presents – the arrival of the clinic’s first babies! Baby Sebastian was the first IVF baby born, followed closely by baby Maria and many more babies after that. Read more here.


Partnership with The World Egg Bank

In an effort to reduce the average year-long patient waiting period for donor eggs from our Australian egg donor bank (Egg Donors Australia), City Fertility formed a partnership with US egg bank: The World Egg Bank. This now gives our patients two options for egg donors, they can wait for one from our Australian egg donor service or select from The World Egg Bank. Read more here.


Addam App launched to help find the ideal sperm donor match

We launched City Fertility’s Addam App, so couples and individuals who are trying to fulfil their dream of parenthood, but need the help of a sperm donor to so, can now find a solution in just a few swipes. It is Australia’s first-ever dedicated sperm bank app of registered sperm donors. We currently have no shortage of healthy and safe sperm donors available for patients, with all our donors being thoroughly counselled, medically screened and their donor records kept tightly controlled as per Australian regulations.  Read more here.


Research outcomes: Good odds for second IVF baby success

A study co-authored by City Fertility’s Medical Director, Dr Devora Lieberman, found that women who used IVF to conceive their first child have a good chance of having a second child the same way. The study, led by researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), is the first to look at the chances of women having more than one IVF-conceived baby. Read more here.


2,000 babies for City Fertility’s Brisbane clinic

Adorable little sisters Skye and Erin were just two of the babies that helped City Fertility Brisbane reach its 2,000 baby milestone in October. However, these babies prove again that nobody is immune to fertility issues, with their mother Alison being a qualified midwife and for the past seven years a fertility nurse at City Fertility Brisbane. Read more here.


While 2020 has been a turbulent year, we have already set in place many exciting plans for 2021. The future is looking bright and we can’t wait to share these new announcements with you in the New Year.

However, we are most looking forward to continuing to help you achieve your dreams and goals in 2021, as this is, and always will be, our top priority.

We wish you a peaceful happy Christmas and a bright, healthy and bountiful New Year.

Season’s Greetings

The City Fertility Team


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